bonjour amour
kendall. 20. biology and french major. ΣΑΙ Delta Tau Chapter. music is my life and everyday I'm trying to find the correct rhythm. expect a lot of one direction, coldplay, phantom of the opera, france, and whatever else I'm obsessing over.

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i was on the tiffany & co. website today and was snapping pictures to jake cause im that bitch

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-Christine Daaé could sing it Sir!
-A ballerine girl!?


Paris Opera House


Paris Opera House

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Music Fact: Classical musicians are 50% more likely to suffer permanent hearing loss than rock musicians. This is almost entirely due to exposure to bass drums; a single orchestral bass drum is louder than an electric guitar at maximum amplification, and provides one-third of the audible power of a standard 75-piece symphony orchestra.

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every time someone brings up the future or grad school i start tearing up cause i have no idea what i want to do with my life and that’s probably a bad thing